AOL Desktop Gold icon missing is a standout among the most widely recognized mistake that users face, even after successful AOL Desktop Gold download and installation.

In case you’re additionally vexed by this disappeared AOL Gold icon issue, look at the post beneath!

The guide thus will enable you to figure out how to fix the missing AOL Desktop Gold icon and likewise, recognize what causes it.

Simple Troubleshoot for AOL Desktop Gold Icon missing

Now and again, changes in PC’s settings cause the disappearance of the Desktop icon of AOL Desktop Gold. What’s more, to fix this issue in minutes, you should:

  • Right-click on PC’s desktop screen and select ‘View’ alternative from the submenu.
  • In the subsequent stage, search and select the ‘Show Desktop icon’ from the rundown (on the off chance that the choice is unchecked).
  • After this, press the F5 or ‘revive’ button to apply the changes.
  • On the off chance that nothing occurs, you may restart the system.

On the off chance that the “show desktop icon” alternative is as of now chosen, at that point search for the answer for lost AOL Desktop Gold icon missing issue ahead.

Keep AOL Icon in Dock choice

By putting away the AOL Gold icon in dock choice, you may avert the disappearance of the AOL Gold icon. You should simply:

  • Launch AOL Desktop Gold software on your PC.
  • Next, place the mouse pointer over the AOL Desktop Gold icon in the dock.
  • At that point, select the choice “keep it in the dock” from the list.

The means in this are free.

In any case, if none of these fundamental advances restore the missing AOL Gold icon or alternate route or disaster will be imminent, you need to know: how to stick to your Windows 10 Start Menu, go for advanced troubleshooting!

Still, Facing AOL Desktop Gold Icon missing problem, Contact Support team +1 865-325-2030

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