About Us

Summertimemedia is a hip and happening platform that attracts many readers from a wide spectrum of interests to learn new developments on a daily basis. Among the types of readers actively participating are students learning technological developments as they happen, and enthusiast keeping tabs on things they should not miss. there are a lot of ways in which readers interact with the platform, among the lot that has been observed as the platform took shape, the 3 below stand out;

● Through talking back to writers after they publish new articles
● Through sharing great news with their peers on other social media platforms
● Through contributing fresh content on a regular basis

not wanting to exclude them from the way the platform is run, the users have a portal through which they can discuss the various changes affecting them happening around the world. We see people coming online on a daily basis to follow investigative stories that would have been started by our creative and motivated story hunters.

The power of social media always shows us that the platform is a force to be reckoned with. Through the sharing of strategically collected news, we have seen thousands of people get together to assess and educate one another pertaining the events that we would have published. Not only has the platform made information travel faster, it has provided a checking point on which facts are weighed and commented on by the people on the ground – sometimes not even the readers, but confirming parties.

Through the platform also allows the general reader to express their points of view through the publicly edited section. a lot of readers find this part of the website very interesting, not only because they are reading what their peers think about important issues around the world, but because it makes them feel like part of a revolution.

When the platform was created we imagined the power that a story, well researched and collaborated on by people of different perspectives would have on the future decisions of people who are taking part in the changes. That imagination process has since been converted into a realization phase that we see morph into something beautiful everyday. Our story is on that we wish to send out to inspire all the readers following the platform closely, that they too can set up and achieve great things if they include powerful minds such as those of every reader loyal to our efforts.