Why Do You Need a Genital Wart Removal Cream?

Genital warts are one of most common STD’s with both males and females. It effects
almost 10% of the total population. Even though it is quite common that doesn’t make
it any less embarrassing when you discover you have the infection. Don’t worry,
there is no need to feel alone and without options, Somxl ® Clinical Strength genital
wart treatment is the private , no hassle way to get rid of your warts, you will
be back to normal in no time.

We understand its difficult and embarrassing to make an appointment for an infection
that is located in such a private area of your body, so that’s why we made our
Genital Wart Removal Cream available without a prescription. You don’t have to see a Doctor to order our treatment, its available online and will be posted to you in a discreet unmarked package. So you won’t have to answer those awkward questions face to face with anyone. No one has to know you ever had this problem.

Unfortunately the virus that causes genital warts, the Human papillomavirus and
particularly the strains HPV-16 or HPV-18 are also linked to cervical cancer.
Approx 12,000 new cases occur every year in the united states and 4000 women will
die from it. Removing genital warts means you are far less likely to pass on the hpv
virus to others and putting them at risk of cervical cancer. The faster you treat
your symptoms the safer it is.

We believe that because its such a sensitive skin area, the treatment you use for your
genital wart removal needs to be gentle yet powerful. Somxl ® is developed so it does
not burn the skin or leave any scaring once the warts are removed. Other options
such as laser and acids can be harsh on the skin area when removing the warts. They
are fast but can leave scarring after the operation is complete. Our genital wart
removal cream will not irritate the skin while it removes your infection and will
leave the skin area clean and healthy looking without any scarring.

We found that the topical application of Clinical Strength Somxl ® is an effective and
fast way to administer our wart treatment. It allows the active ingredients to be
applied in the localized area of the infection. Somxl ® is specific and targeted to
the problem area so its quick and easy for the removal of your warts.

Finally Somxl ® genital wart cream is available to you discreetly during this embarrassing
and stressful time so you you can treat yourself in private. It is effective and
safe to use and registered with the FDA. Clinical Strength Somxl ® does not scar or
burn the sensitive skin areas and will have you back to health fast.

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