MicroShip is a major company that gives you the benefit of a small move within the United States. Our company bridges the gap between your shipping needs and the destination where products are to be shipped. Our professional services deliver you cost effective yet efficient shipping services for all your needs. We ensure that we standardize our shipping services for all kinds of loads- big or small. Unlike others, we prioritize the safety of your load and your product and thus, we do not charge you extra for extra blanketing or padding of your products in order to safeguard them. Our company, MicroShip, packs your load and the products and moves around the states with utmost care and protection.

We offer you a variety of shipping services like full load, partial load, storage move, piano move, apartment/ condo move, office move, freight move, and even international move. Our company, at affordable rates and with proper licensing and insurance, offers all of these kinds of shipment services.

Out of all the different services, the Partial Load service is the one that ensures safer delivery of all of your items. Though it is much less common, it provides benefits of both full load and less than load. The partial Load services fall somewhere in between when it comes to shipments. Moreover, the fact that partial load service is an affordable one, makes it a hit when it comes to shipping items that need full care and attention.

  • Partial Load services can be availed when your items that need shipping are somewhere between 6-18 pallets or 8,000-27,500 pounds. It the items that require shipping is lightweight but requires a lot of space then you must consider partial load shipping service.
  • There are various benefits attached to the Partial Load shipping services:
  • The items that are shipped under this method will require less handling and hence, there would be fewer chances of damage to them.
  • Prices charged for this kind of shipping are comparatively less as compared to full load or less than load shipping.
  • The shipping time or the transit time under this method is faster and more convenient since the items meant for delivery do not stop at various distribution terminals.
  • If you want to provide a door to door service of your items, then this method can help you with that.
  • The partial load service can easily deliver your items from door to door.
  • Another major benefit of partial load service is the fact that you will not need to identify the freight class for shipping items. This will reduce the classification of other potential checks.

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