If you are dealing with modern methods of pipe lining for residents around the local territory, you should necessarily know about the technology of trenchless pipe lining.

The technology of trenchless pipe lining implies various kinds of communications to the different sites, bypassing the digging area. This method eliminates the cost of restoration of the surrounding areas as well as reduces the time of work. The basic principle of trenchless technologies is a through passage through the soil layers in any direction.

What are the methods of trenchless pipe lining?

Methods of trenchless laying techniques involve the use of specific units operating by compressed air energy within the pipe itself.

The usage of pipelines using trenchless technology can be implemented in several key ways:

puncture the ground,

horizontal directional drilling

characteristics of the metal case.

The difference between these methods cannot affect the quality of work performed due to the natural and other conditions, such as soil density and soil composition, distance communication, the diameter of the pipes laid.

Advantages of trenchless technologies

Trenchless pipe laying technology excludes the possibility of subsidence, as they give a person the opportunity to work in places that previously seemed to sum communication impossible. For example, summing up additional communications to a residential house in the city can be done directly from the basement of the house. Many people probably imagined a huge drill installation, but this is not true. If we talk about the method of puncturing the ground, then laying pipes trenchless method puncture involves the use of small equipment, and for the beginning of the puncture with enough land to dig a small pit, about two square meters.

Installations for horizontal directional drilling cannot be compared with the amount of technology and people who are involved in the organization and communication trenches for pipelines of various types.

But the main advantage of trenchless pipe lining is the fact that trenchless pipe laying technology allows unhindered pass under roads, buildings ready, the railway communication paths, small ponds and other obstacles, which might be encountered on the surface.

What are the special features for trenchless pipe lining in Altamonte Springs?

Trenchless pipe lining for the residents in Altamonte Springs is determined by experts. With the help of geological survey, the experts determine the density of the soil, the presence of hard rock and other impurities. Next, we should measure the distance that will be necessary to pass to select the appropriate method. For example, the method can cope with ground puncture distance to twenty meters, when the above distance or absolute accuracy is required, the method of horizontal directional drilling, since in this case the tip motion is controlled.

Our company’s main specialization is:

*Trenchless laying of pipes made of polyethylene, steel and cast iron;

*Trenchless laying of pipelines for the transportation of liquids and gases;

*Trenchless laying of communications of all types:

Water Pipes;



Electric Cables;

The methods of trenchless fully justify the costs, which are borne by the customer, as they give significant savings and are the most profitable. If you are searching for reliable trenchless pipe lining for residents in Altamonte Springs, you should pay your attention to high quality of services and reliability.

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