The Definitive Guide To Secure Remote Proctored Exams

remote proctored exam

We live in a globalized world, technology is rampant and has ultimately advanced more than ever before. The current situation of the world amidst a global pandemic when school students, office goers, and government officials’ daily chores were disrupted, the world saw an increase in usage of the internet. The workflow of office goers and education of school and college-going students kicked off digitally and the candidates were able to take their jobs remotely without a physical appearance in the office. 

Most importantly, the core topic of this article is education and its impact on online classes/exams. Office jobs can be maintained online and no proximity and cheatings can occur as the person will be conscious and mindful about his/her responsibility towards the company. Whereas online exams are a bit of a complicated process, students can easily cheat or possess a brainy proxy test-taker writing on their behalf. 

In the physical proctored examination, there are examination centers, logistics, and invigilators/proctors to critically examine the students appearing for the exam which ultimately makes the students mindful and shuns away cheating.

Writing exams remotely is not a good idea, isn’t it? Well, not really! As mentioned earlier, the world is a global village, smartphones, tablets, and laptops are no more alien to us, these technologies are a part of our daily routine. With the help of these, a remote proctored examination can be done effortlessly without having consent on cheating. How?

Let’s dive in. 

What is a remote proctored exam?

Just as a proctor is available while conducting an offline examination, remote exams also have a proctor but this time it is a digitally powered software working on your Pc, smartphone, or tablet. There are mainly three types of remotely proctored exams, namely, Live online proctoring, Recorded proctoring, and Advanced auto proctoring.

In Live online proctoring, the examiner plays the role of surveillance of the examinee while both the examiner and examinee are remote and are playing their role on the four walls of their home without being physically present at the college or schools hence conducting the session all online. 

Recorded proctoring is nothing but the sessions of examinations get recorded for the invigilators to refer as to whether or not there is any suspicious activity during the whole process of the session. If at all suspicious behavior is found the student may get terminated from the exam and may not be able to attend the future exam. 

The most important feature of remote proctoring exams is the AI-developed online proctored exam or the Advanced auto proctoring. As the name suggests, the proctoring happens automatically without the physical efforts put up by the invigilator. This AI-powered software has the ability to perform multiple tasks similar to the physical proctor. How does the remote proctored exam work in more specific ways? To understand this let us dig even deeper and know its perks.

How does it function?

Remote proctored exams equipment is good internet connectivity, a Laptop, smartphone, or a tablet. In a physical proctored exam, the candidates are supposed to show their identity and their seat number to further the test, after passing this stage the candidates are allowed to sit in their allotted seats. A similar instance is seen in a remote proctored exam but with a twist. The exams are online and the proctoring also happens online. The webcam and a microphone must always be ON during the exams. The AI-powered Advanced auto proctoring software takes care of the rest. The software scans and identifies whether or not the candidate is legit or in proximity of a legit student.  

What if the candidate possesses an external device like a Pendrive, smartphone, or external hard drive? Nothing to worry about here as the Advanced auto proctoring has got the solution for it. The software will critically examine if at all there is an external device connected to the PC, if found, the software will automatically log out the candidate from the interface and will not allow him/her to attend the test until and unless the computer is made devoid of any such external devices. Moreover, the AI-powered Advanced auto proctor has the capability to lock the candidate’s psychological appearances. It can analyze the behavior of the test-taker. If any suspicious behavior is detected by the software it may give a red flag to the screen of the suspicious candidate, this in return will alert the physical proctor and help in eradicating the suspicious activity shown by the test-taker. 


With the help of advanced software developed by the Information Technology giants, conducting an online exam is made easy and helps in a smooth and secure way of organizing a remote exam with a more advanced level of proctoring. This advanced software is very much accurate in performing its duty of surveillance of the candidate which makes the students appearing for the remotely proctored exams, mindful of this high-end technology and enables them to be more cautious about the Artificial Intelligence proctor. Learning is an integral part of life. Exams are the tests to check whether the candidate is liable for future study by testing his/her knowledge on various fields of subjects. Cheating in exams may result in a proxy knowledge of the student and may create a great problem in the near future. Knowledge is a power that helps one grow through bounds of great success. It may be for this reason kicking off online exams with Advanced AI-generated auto proctoring exams are essential when in times of dire need and it makes sure that all of the candidates appearing for the exams are genuinely writing their own answers and are not indulging in proxy activities. To safeguard the integrity of the examinations, this software is highly in demand and of course, it has the potential to work smoothly and secure the integrity of exams. Therefore, online proctored exams are well versed with an advanced level touch.

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