Pallet Rack Safety: What You Need To Know


A well-maintained pallet rack system is vital in aiding the productivity of a warehouse. Occupational health and safety standards worldwide require regular pallet rack safety inspections and assessments. This is to avoid potentially deadly accidents and loss of property.

Safety inspections must concentrate on checking the load capacity, any visible signs of wear and tear, damage, and the stability of the pallet rack structure.

One effective way to maintain pallet rack safety is by preempting the most common hazards associated with pallet racks and drafting action plans to prevent these hazards from happening.

Worn Out Pallet Racks

Even the best-installed pallet racks go through wear and tear over time.

Ensure you have a plan in place that will identify and fix in time any dented columns, missing welds, unaccounted for or twisted bolts and rivets on the footplates, sagging beams due to overloading, and rust.

Poor Rack Installation

Sometimes the installation of the racks may result in tilted or misaligned beams.

Counter check the manufacturer’s instructions on how the bolts and poles interlock before conducting a rack safety inspection. Check the leveling of the floor. Maintain the uprights foot plates in a square position. If necessary, make use of shim plates.

Loose Foot Plates

The footplates anchor the pallet racks securely to the floor. If the footplates loosen up, these plates make the pallet racks to be unstable and prone to damage. Check the foot plates regularly and re-tighten as needed. Use heavy anchor bolts for added security.

Overhanging Pallets

Make the warehouse workers aware of any overhanging pallets. These overhanging pallets must stay within the manufacturer’s recommended parameters.

Misuse of Pallet Racks

Never exceed the size and weight limit of the pallet racks. Install the frames using the right tools as per the manufacturer’s instructions. Tie the loads securely on the frames to prevent unnecessary movement.

Other Pallet Rack Safety Measures

1. Avoid overloading or improper loading on the pallet racks. This will prevent accidents caused by products falling off the shelves.

2. Conduct professional training for the staff operating machinery near the pallet racks so that they can avoid damaging them from forklift collisions and improper use of the pallet racks.

3. Install steel guardrails to reduce pallet rack damage from forklift collisions.

4. Set safe speed limits on the warehouse floor. This will put a check on accidents and unnecessary damage to the pallet racks.

5. Clear any clutter, maintain a well-lit warehouse, and have correctly labeled signs for easy movement around the warehouse.


This is a simple guide on keeping your pallet racks safe. There are other rack safety inspections for sale that you can utilize in your warehouse.

If you observe these safety and prevention tips, your pallet racks will remain durable and safe for long.

Finally, always have a safety-oriented mindset when working near pallet racks.

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