Keep Your Home Safe with Crimsafe Security Screen Doors

Crimsafe Security Screen Doors

Security screens are being embraced more and more by many Australian homes. However, the saturated market could leave one confused, as there are so many products and manufacturers to choose from.  This makes it even harder for one to settle on what perfectly meets their budget and needs. Crimsafe leads the way in high-quality security screen solutions as their products are 7 times stronger than the Australian security standard. Installing a Crimsafe security screen door therefore guarantees safety and peace of mind.

The following information highlights reasons why you should not have second thoughts when considering Crimsafe security screen doors:


Burglary is one of the commonly committed crimes in Australia. Even though the rate of property crimes is going down, in Canberra alone there were over 13,000 reported incidents in and around homes during 2018.

Superior security products have significantly reduced crime rates over the years and you cannot afford to sit back and relax with the doors open if your home does not have proper security screens doors or windows. A majority of burglars are opportunistic, and you cannot afford to give criminals a way into your unsecured home as they won’t think twice about taking advantage.

Financial losses cannot be accurately quantified, hence emphasis is usually laid on material goods lost. An insurance payout is not enough to wipe away the fear and anxiety that follows a burglary.

Security screen doors  may not guarantee 100% safety, but it will deter burglars from trying to gain entry. A strong security screen that has been fitted well will not only keep thieves out of your mechanicsburg pa home loans , but also bring peace of mind even when you are away.

In addition to the benefits already mentioned, security screen keeps insects out and guarantees the security of your pets and children as they cannot climb out of opened windows. Crimsafe security screen doors are simply the best in the current market.

Strength and resilience

Enhanced security is the number one reason as to why many homes have security screen doors installed. However, they are required in a lightweight yet strong design, which poses a big challenge. Crimsafe security screen doors offer a unique, patented design that combines strength and low-profile.

A patented Screw Clamp method is used to fix the security screen to the door. It’s not easy to lever the screen in order to gain access, as the fixing is done with the help of high tensile screws. The structural grade steel from which Crimsafe security screens are manufactured makes them lightweight yet strong. They are designed to withstand all types of assault.

Crimsafe screen doors will not fall over when someone forces their weight on them, rams them with a heavy object or tries to lever them with a crowbar. They have undergone extensive testing to withstand such assaults. Crimsafe screen door frames have been reinforced by a midrail that protects the lock from any breaching.

Any aspiring burglar will not have an easy time if they tried to use a cutting tool to cut the screen panel. Since they are made from high-tensile steel, they can withstand all types of cutting tools and implements. It’s damage resistant as well. Crimsafe uses a 0.9mm woven mesh, unlike their counterparts that use 0.8mm steel mesh. This 26.5% additional thickness does not make them look any thicker. Instead, their low profile won’t make you realize you are living in a high-security compound!

Aesthetic value

Looks matter, even in homes. You don’t want to trade looks for security, and Crimsafe screens look really good when fixed over windows and doors. They are a perfect combination of security and style, as they are made from powder coated steel.

Insect repellent

Crimsafe screens will block bugs but let in fresh air. The steel mesh keeps all insects out, and you can get to enjoy a cool breeze without worrying about huge mosquitoes or spiders gaining access.

UV resistant

The amount of damage caused by UV rays cannot be quantified. The Australian sun is not enough o face Crimsafe security screens, yet they completely block UV light. One will hardly tell the difference between newly installed screens and those that have been for years.

Corrosion resistant and ease of cleaning

The ease with which one can clean a Crimsafe screen is a bonus. The powder-coated steel repels dust and is resistant to corrosion. This makes them a perfect choice for coastal homes where corrosion is such a headache. Remember, corrosion significantly compromises on the integrity of metallic security screens.

Choosing Crimsafe security screen doors guarantees security, airflow, and good looks. Your screens will be easy to maintain as you enjoy a refreshing cool breeze without worrying about intruders.


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