Learning the news that you’ll need to have your sewer line repaired is always distressing. Add to the fact that your municipality might charge you liable for lateral line damage from your property, down and leading to the main sewer lines installed in the street, and most homeowners will be downright depressed. But there’s a better alternative to digging up your yard- trenchless sewer pipe repair and replacement.

This innovative sewer line repair method has been out in the market a long time ago. Most homeowners and property managers are not aware that a breakthrough process exists as the best option, and they are left to allow plumbers and contractors dig up their lawns and beautiful gardens. As roofing issues seemingly come out of nowhere, most people just choose the roof repair method that’s most convenient at the moment.

What is Trenchless Pipe Repair?

Plumbers who constantly keep up with technology recommend trenchless pipe repair as the ideal solution when a sewer line or water lines break. Furthermore, there are two types of trenchless repair options- pipe bursting and pipe lining.

In the pipe lining method, a plumber puts in a flexible tube coated with protective resin via pulling it through or blowing it inside the damaged pipe. The new pipe is then inflated to working size. When the protective resin hardens, a new pipe replaces the old one. The new resin pipe is slightly lower in diameter, but it doesn’t affect your pipeline’s capability to funnel out waste in an efficient manner.

In the pipe bursting method, a plumber digs two small holes, designated as the entry and the exit hole for the new pipe. The new pipe is laid through the broken pipe via pushing a steel cable with a tornado-shaped head, which fractures the old pipe. The new pipe is about the same size as the old pipe.

The difference between the two methods is the application. If your lateral pipes have collapsed or has jointed, then pipe bursting is the better solution. Pipe lining is not an option if there are nearby utility lines. Pipe bursting is recommended for most pipe repairs as long as there’s plenty of space for the cable line.

Once installed, homeowners won’t have to worry about their sewer lines breaking anytime soon. The new pipes are expected to last for up to 50 years, or even more.

Is Trenchless The Way To Go?

Here’s a list of reasons why you should put trenchless sewer repair right on top of your options if your sewer line breaks:

Large water lines are installed to your house.

Replaces your old pipes with new ones that resist constant freezing and thawing.

Replaces your cracked pipes that have been damaged by ground or house movement.

Replaces blocked pipes and improperly installed pipes with durable ones.

Leaves little to no damage to your apartment, front lawn or large building.

Trenchless sewer repairs save you the expense of hiring a contractor to dig up your landscape. Your beautiful, manicured lawn and all its colorful flowers will be saved when you choose to have trenchless repair method. More importantly, your pipes will be fixed as good as new in as little time as possible.

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