To be able to answer this question, we have to understand first how the conventional repairs and the Trenchless sewer repairs are normally dealt with.

The most difficult part of the convention sewer repair is that one of digging and which must be done in order to remove clogged or damaged pipes and replace them with the new ones. This will mean that your yard, home, and garage will have to be invaded and dug up in this process of the intrusive repair work. The conventional sewer pipe replace is a times very expensive and will normally need major replacements.

Though the trenchless methods have been in use for around 15 years, most of the people are yet to hear about them. This is because most people look for the cheapest and nearest solution when faced with various types of plumbing emergency. Having the knowledge now will help you to make informed decisions in the future if you have a broken pipe emergency.

The trenchless sewer repair technology requires less digging, and that means you will spend less to get the job done. There are two methods of how trenchless repair are done: pipe bursting, or pipe lining. In pipe lining, a resign coated flexible tube is put through an already laid pipe line thus inflating it. This then hardens another new pipe inside the old one. Though this helps in reducing the diameter of the pipe, but doesn’t affect the waste flow in any way. The bursting method involves pulling a new pipe inside the old one, then bursting it from outside.

The first benefit that homeowners who use trenchless system get is the savings that they make, since they are not required to dig up the public property which may lead to the side walk and street. Only a small part needs to be dug in order to access the pipes. The trenchless method may be a bit expensive than the conventional repairs, there will be added costs on the final cost.

Both the Pipe bursting and pipe lining can last up to 50 years, and can resist penetration from rocks and roots, and will not crack easily as a result of changing temperatures. They are also covered by the homeowners insurance.

The trenchless technology can allow customers to stay in their homes while the repairs are going on. In most situations, pipe liners can be installed in just a single day. The bursting pipe lines are the ones that can take more days, but they too can be completed earlier when compared to the conventional repair or cleaning.

Since the trenchless techniques allow for the smooth flow of fluids through the pipe system, there will be minimal cases of back-ups or large clogs; hence the fear of future sewer pipe blockage or damage will be reduced Greatly with any of the trenchless methods.

Cleaning and repairing damaged and blocked pipe lines using the trenchless methods gives home owners greater ease when it comes to maintaining their lines.

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