Hormone Pellets in Arizona: Your Questions Answered!

Hormone Pellets

Hormone pellets in Arizona are made up of either testosterone or estradiol. The hormonesare pressed into tiny solid cylinders. The pellets are larger than a grain of rice and smaller than a ‘Tic-Tac’. Today we’re sharing answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we receive about the procedure.

1. Why are pellets ideal for hormone replacement?

Pellets deliver healthy, consistent levels of hormones for 3 to 6 months, depending on the dosage. They evade the fluctuationsof hormone levels seen with every other method of hormone delivery. When compared with conventional hormone replacement therapy, hormone pellets in Arizona have been shown to be superior for relief of menopausal symptoms, preservation of bone density, reestablishment of sleep patterns, improvement in sex drive, libido, sexual response and performance.

2. How and where are the hormone pellets inserted?

The insertion process is a simple, relatively painless procedure performed under local anesthesia. The pellets are typically inserted in the lower abdominal wall or hip through a small incision which is taped shut. Experience of the health care professional mattersnot only in placing the pellets, but in determining the correct dosage.

3. What can I expect after pellet insertion?

After pellets are inserted, patients may notice that they have more energy, sleep better and feel happier. Bone density and muscle mass will increase while fatty tissue decreases. Patients may notice increased strength, coordination and physical performance as well as an improvement in skin tone and hair texture. Memory and concentration may improve as will overall physical and sexual health.

4. What are the most common side effects when the hormone pellets in Arizona are initially inserted?

When a patient first begins hormone therapy there may be mild, breast tenderness, which is temporary and gets better on its own. Hormone receptors may be very sensitive and take time to adapt. There may be a temporary water weight gain, which will also resolve on its own. The body will tone up as bone density and muscle mass increase and fatty tissue decreases. Patients may experience a mild form of “puberty” as their hormonal levels come up into normal ranges.

5. How soon will I feel the effects of the pellets?

Some patients begin to feel better within 24-48 hours while others may take a week or two to notice a difference.

6. How long do the hormone pellets in Arizona last?

The pellets typically last between 3 to 5 months in women and 5 to 6 months in men. Elevated levels of stress, physical activity, some medications and lack of sleep may speed up the rate at which the pellet absorbs and may require that pellets are inserted sooner in some patients.

7. Do the hormone pellets in Arizona need to be removed every 3 to 6 months?

The pellets do not need to be removed – they completely dissolve on their own.

8. Do I have to be in menopause to benefit from pellets?

Hormone therapy with pellets is not just used for menopause, as women at any age can experience hormone imbalance. Levels decline or fluctuate, contributing to debilitating symptoms. Pellets are useful in severe PMS, postpartum depression, menstrual or migraine headaches, and sleeping disorders. They can also be used to treat hormone deficiencies caused by the birth control pill.

9. How are the hormones observed during therapy?

Hormone levels will be drawn and evaluated prior to the start of therapy. Levels will then be reevaluated during hormone therapy at 4 to 6 weeks and again in 3 to 5 more months. After the first years of therapy hormones levels are followed less frequently.

If we haven’t answered all of your questions, or if you’d like to find out if hormone pellets in Arizona can help relieves your symptom, call our office today to schedule a consultation. Stop suffering and start living!

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