Gardner Denver Oil-less Air Compressors in GA: Perfect When No Oil Can Be Present

Gardner Denver

Perfect for all applications where oil cannot be present, the Gardner Denver oil-less air compressors in GA provide a clean, reliable air supply that benefits both your business and your bottom line. Certified to ISO 8573-1 Class Zero (2010) standards and silicone-free, there is no risk of oil tainting your product. An investment in this highly-engineered compressor delivers more productivity and less downtime.

The ISO 8573-1 CLASS O certified Gardner Denver oil-less air compressors in GA offer the following benefits:

  • 100% silicone-free, guaranteed;
  • Precisely designed for use in the application when pure air is critical;
  • Provides the highest air quality standards and avoids contamination;
  • Independently tested and certified.

For many industries such as pharmaceuticals, electronics, and food and beverages, air purity is a serious factor where even the smallest drop of oil threatens contamination that can have severe consequences such as:

  • Product spoilage;
  • Production downtime;
  • Damage to production equipment;
  • Damage to brand reputation.

The Benefits Of Gardner Denver Oil-Less Air Compressors In GA

  • 100% oil-free;
  • High-quality electric motors;
  • Fully integrated silenced package;
  • Single-stage, direct-driven drive minimizes maintenance and maximizes efficiency;
  • State-of-the-art touchscreen controller;
  • High-quality water injection cools, seals, and lubricates the compression process to maximize efficiency;
  • Easy service arrangement.

100% Oil-Free
Low bearing loads and operating temperatures provide maintenance-free sealed bearings to be used, which completely removes the need for lubricating oil in the compressor. 100% oil-free compression is guaranteed, and the environmental and maintenance costs associated with oil and oil filter changes are eliminated.

State-Of-The-Art Touch Screen Controller on Gardner Denver Oil-Less Air Compressors In GA

Keeps everything under control. The high-resolution touchscreen display is extremely self-explanatory and user-friendly. All intuitive functions are visibly structured in five main menus. The multilingual control system delivers reliable operation and protects your investment by constantly monitoring the operational parameters, which is essential for reducing your operating costs.

With the ability to show detailed system analysis in the form of trend graphs and diagrams, operating parameters can be precisely set to maximize efficiency. This information includes:

  • Network/line pressure;
  • Variable motor speed;
  • On load hours/total hours run;
  • Weekly average volume flow;
  • Temperature and ambient temperature;
  • Outlet/inlet temperature and pressure at both stages;
  • Water pressure/oil and temperature average volume flow.

For more information regarding Gardner Denver oil-less air compressors in GA, and to determine if they are right for your application, contact us today to speak with one of our experts. We will specify a solution based on your needs and requirements.

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