Other than that, perform tricks to correct the AOL gold icon error that does not work:

  • Remove the desktop icon and open the AOL Gold application from the program files. See if this corrects the error if not. Uninstall AOL gold and reinstall it.
  • Read this guide if the AOL desktop icon is missing from the desktop or the DOCK. the icon is missing.
  • Try to disable and enable your Internet connection and try restarting the Software again.
  • Last but not least, close all running programs and run the software again.

You can also Contact a Desktop Gold expert to get an instant solution.

Reasons Why the AOL Desktop Gold Icon Does Not Respond

Normally, when a problem like this occurs, it is not possible to specify the exact reason why your AOL Desktop Gold Icon does not work. There are a couple of reasons why it may not work:

  • There was an incompatibility problem, where your system did not have the software to support the application. You should check the system requirements provided by the official AOL Desktop Gold website to see if you qualify. If you do not have a compatible operating system, the Desktop Gold icon not responding.
  • Your RAM is overloaded and not available for other applications to work. The internal system memory (random access memory) already has a lot of space even if it has 2 gigabytes of memory. However, if you have several programs running in the foreground or in the background, your RAM is likely to clog.
  • Normally, this should not be a problem, but if you open an excessive number of applications, it will be a challenge to open the AOL Desktop Gold application, so much that not only the icon might not work, but your computer might crash.
  • Your network connection was not strong enough or was interrupted. When you have a connectivity problem or a network problem, it is likely that an AOL Desktop Gold has stopped working.
  • Your software may not be updated to the latest version. There are times when an application simply stops working or fails when a new update comes out. Your computer will ask you to update it. An earlier version of AOL Gold will surely come across a functional version, due to all the updates and bug fixes available in the new one.
  • In the worst case, there could be malware or viruses on your system that prevent the installation or download of new applications. Viruses, Trojans, worms, malicious software, or any other type of malware that has infected the computer begin to consume computer resources and make other applications unable to work.
  • You can steal, delete, or modify files from a computer program. And therefore, they are powerful enough to cause disturbances for AOL Desktop Gold. Routine tests on your computer with a legitimate antivirus and firewall can work miracles for your computer.
  • You may have a connection that does not respond to AOL source files. The software itself may not be connected to the source file on the drive that is supposed to be downloaded after installation.
  • Desktop Gold creates certain files that direct the path to the AOL login page, which are known as the source files. If you find the source files and manage to open them, everything is ready. If you can’t, that means you may have to reinstall the software to get a working path to the source files.
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