AOL symbol not reacting or AOL Desktop Gold Icon Missing issue can happen because of numerous reasons. Some of them are:

desktop gold icon missing

Reason 1: Icon Isn’t Associated With the Source.

This is a typical issue. Check if this is the issue that is causing you the issue. To Check it

1: Right Click on the symbol and tap on “Properties”

2: Then find where the record is found and duplicate that connect.

3: Paste that interface in the Windows Explorer and check whether there are documents or not.

4: If there are no records in that organizer at that point erase the symbol from your Desktop.

5: Now, Open C:\Programes Files\AOL Gold.

6: Find the AOL Gold symbol. Presently check if the AOL Desktop is running from this symbol.

7: If Yes, at that point make another symbol (Right Click on it and after that tap on make Shortcut).

Reason 2: Firewall could be blocking it.

There are chances that the security application introduced in your system could be blocking AOL Desktop to run. To check on the off chance that it blocking it.

1: Go to your Firewall settings.

2: In the setting window, tap on the firewall.

3: There would be a control program tab, from that point check if the AOL Desktop Gold is in the rundown.

4: If truly, select it.

5: Click On Allow.

6: Now tap On Apply.

This should settle it if the issue is happening because of the firewall.

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Reason 3: AOL Desktop Gold File is defiled.

It could be the situation of defiled records. To determine this uninstall Desktop Gold and re-introduce it.

1: Click On “begin”.

2: Now open “Control Panel”

3: Click tap on “Uninstall a program” under Programs.

4: Select the application AOL Desktop Gold.

5: Click on “Uninstall” on the best bar over the program list.

6: Confirm the uninstallation procedure by tapping on yes.

7: It will currently be uninstalled and you will get spring up the message of finishing.

8: Now restart your PC and reinstall the AOL Desktop Gold.

This would resolve your issue of AOL Desktop Gold Corrupted documents.

Reason 4: The introduced variant of your AOL Gold Is Old.

It could be going on due to the outdated version of AOL Desktop GOLD. To Resolve this Download AOL Desktop Gold. To download it visit this connection.

1: Click On This Link.

2: Download the refreshed rendition.

3: Open the File Explorer symbol on your Desktop taskbar.

4: Click Open Downloads file.

5: Find the record with the name” Install_AOL_Desktop symbol.

6: Double Tap on it to run it.

7: Now tap on the introduction.

You will currently have a crisp AOL Desktop gold establishment.

The Above referenced advances should resolve all your AOL gold icons, not working issues. Yet at the same time, in the event that it isn’t working, you can attempt to contact AOL Desktop Gold Support.

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