Crowd Control Warehouse Now Offers High-Quality Concrete Jersey Barriers at Affordable Pricing

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Crowd Control Warehouse specializes in crowd control management and safety products like stanchions and barricades and is probably best known for their heavy-duty steel barricades. However, their barricade collection also includes high quality concrete jersey barriers at affordable prices. These barriers are useful when physical barriers are required to protect workers from nearby traffic.

Here are some of the important ways that the concrete jersey barriers in this collection differ from standard steel barricades:

  • Concrete jersey barriers are made from reinforced concrete making them nearly impenetrable. At more than 3,500 pounds, the girth of these sturdy concrete jersey barriers also gives them a level of durability against impact. This barrier type is sometimes called a “crash barrier”since it can endure some impact from crashes.
  • Concrete jersey barriers are also designed to minimize damage in the event of a collision, directing tires away from the barrier. This design is unique to jersey barriers.
  • Since barricades of this type are too heavy to be easily moved by simple manpower, concrete jersey barricades like ours include forklift slots to accommodate transport by forklift.
  • Our collection of concrete barricades includes 4 foot barricades for less than $400, making them among the most affordable concrete jersey barricades on the market. 

Read more about how these concrete barriers differ from water-fillable jersey barricades.

These barricades ensure that the Crowd Control Warehouse collection includes not just visual barriers, but also physical, crash-resistant barriers. This distinction is important for any worksite or construction zone which might be in proximity to traffic, especially at high speeds. Highway construction sites for instance are safer if there are crash-resistant barriers to enclose the worksite perimeters or separate the worksite from the general traffic. 

Or there are some cases where these crash-resistant barricades are used to divide lanes of traffic. While steel barricades deter penetration, they would not stop a vehicle from penetration. Concrete jersey barriers offer a stronger level of protection, withstanding some amount of impact and even directing tires outward away from the barrier. 

“Concrete barricades are sturdy enough to help prevent cars from breaking through, and a slight sloping design at the base can even help redirect a vehicle’s tires towards the road. Water-filled plastic barricades do not have these features.”

How Do Water Filled Barriers Compare To Concrete Jersey Barriers?

While these concrete barriers tend to be fairly simple in design, our concrete barrier collection includes some varieties aside from the standard jersey barrier style. For instance our collection also includes several wall-style concrete barriers. Since concrete barriers tend to be permanent installations, some facilities prefer to select concrete barriers which have a more wall-like appearance. Below you can see a comparison view of the curved concrete jersey barrier and the standard jersey barrier design

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Crowd Control Warehouse

Crowd Control Warehouse is one of the top crowd control and safety barrier suppliers in North America with thousands of products to ensure safe crowd and traffic management in nearly every industry. With customers in event planning, construction, retail, and distribution industries, Crowd Control Warehouse has been keeping both customers and employees safe with our equipment for more than 15 years. 

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