Not long after becoming engaged, you’ll be bombarded with demands to “show us your engagement ring!” Showing off your engagement ring is something of a ritual, with the focus of attention being on the stone. But don’t forget the metal! The choice of metal can also add to a ring’s wow factor, and its durability. Here’s how to choose the right metal for your engagement ring in Sydney.

Platinum reigns supreme as a metal for engagement rings because it combines durability, strength and stunning looks. As the rarest metal in the world it is a distinctive choice for a ring, but its qualities do not end there. Platinum is stronger than gold, and this strength means prongs made from this metal are ideal for holding diamonds and other stones in place. Platinum will not lose any metal, or wear away when scratched, so there will be no signs of erosion. And, of course, it’s beautiful. It’s a pure white metal, with a sheen that highlights brilliant diamonds and colourful gemstones. With its renowned durability, this beauty should last a lifetime…several lifetimes! This makes a platinum ring ideal for handing down to future generations as a legacy piece.

Gold is still the most used metal in fine jewellery, but did you know it is too soft in its purest form for every day wear? Other metals, such as silver, zinc or copper are added to give gold the durability it needs to last for a long time. It is copper that gives rose gold its distinctive pinkish tone, and white metals such as silver that give white gold its platinum-like appearance.


Silver is one of the more affordable metals used in engagement rings, and it has a lovely sheen. But this distinctive sheen does tarnish over time, meaning that silver’s beauty will diminish with the years. Pure silver is soft and not as strong as other metals, so sterling silver is recommended as a stronger option, thanks to the addition of copper to the mix. If affordability is a major selling point for you, silver is worth thinking about.

There’s a bit to think about isn’t there! The metal you use in a ring will determine how long it will last, and how boldly it will show off any stones that might be in that ring – including that all important diamond. An expert jeweller will take you through the various metal options available as you choose an engagement ring in Sydney. They’ll discuss factors that might influence your decision, such as skin colour. Some metals last longer than others, while some better accentuate diamonds and other stones. Sentimental value comes into too. You might like gold…or platinum…or silver…for very personal reasons, and your choice might be influenced by these reasons. These considerations and many others need to be discussed as you select an engagement ring, so look for a jeweller who not only has an in-depth knowledge of precious metals, but will also take the time to go over everything with you.

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