A lot is going on when you sell a house. Before you make your decision, you need to know how to present your house in the market properly. Here are tips that will help you sell your home and keep
it hot in the Luxury real estate market.

Price your property appropriately

One of the biggest turn-offs for an individual who buys houses for cash is the pricing of a property posted for sale. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not advantageous to sell high. Take your time and research about the current real estate market value of homes within your area. Resources are readily available, and buyers nowadays are smart. It’s easy to search and compare for property market prices. Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes and price your house correctly from the start. Think: “Can a buyer afford to buy my house in Denver, CO?”

Utilize social media

Take a shot of your house on an overcast afternoon, or when the sun cast a flattering ray of light on your home. Although camera phones are now capable of taking great pictures, they can never beat a shot taken from a DSLR camera. If you don’t have one, get a friend who has one and ask him/her to take the shots for you. Better yet, have a professional photographer take a series of photos. Share it with your friends and join Facebook groups dedicated to sell house fast for cash. Generate as much attention as you can for your home and take advantage of hashtags for quick search.

Have an open house

Open houses are great to welcome perspective cash home buyers. Buyers can freely go in and tour the house to see its value. However, there’s no telling when buyers are available. It’s best to cooperate with your family so that you can have a 2-week open house. This will increase your chances of talking with prospective homebuyers who are not available on a pre-set schedule.

Market your property

You can market your property yourself through social media, property listings and craigslist. Put your best foot forward and answer all questions in a calm, courteous manner. Imagine the type of buyers that you wish to attract and weave your marketing strategy around them. Your buyer persona could be newly-weds, retirees or baby boomers, millennials, or a full-house family. Research their preferences and create brochures and flyers to attract their attention.

Limit upgrades

Upgrades are attractive, but consider the return of investment. Also, upgrades do not necessarily mean remodeling. Concentrate on an area where people usually go to: kitchen and bathroom. Fix mismatched tiles, get a new sink, and change shower curtains. Remove any ancient appliances that are not working. Keep the upgrades to a bare minimum so that buyers will see how they can personalize the home when they move in.

Clean and clear out

Clean every corner of your home. Prospective home buyers are highly discerning, and every stain and dirt in your home is a mark against it. Mop and sweep the floors daily, and get a rag ready during open house events. Take out as much furniture as you can and remove any items that you used to personalize your home. Give the buyers as much room as you can for them to imagine their own setting. Half empty storage areas so that buyers can also see the capacity and potential of all built-in closets and cupboards. Remember to take out valuables to prevent complications of missing items.

Let the light in

Light shows how cheery and open a house is. When you are selling your home as is, clean all the windows, lampshades, and other sources of light. Take out the drapes and increase the wattage of your light bulbs. Trim trees and shrubs to allow in as much natural light as possible. Do everything that you can to make the house as light and airy as possible.

Enhance curb appeal

Nothing beats curb appeal when selling a home. Always keep this in mind when you are going to make a listing for “Buy My House, Denver CO.” Maintain your yard by uprooting weeds, trimming hedges, repainting the porch and fences. Pressure-wash your house if you don’t have enough for new paint. Do so with driveways and even the sidewalk. You can add flowers to bring a splash of color to your yard to increase its homely appeal.

Stage your home

Staging gives a better image on how a living space in house should look like. You can stage the house by grouping furniture together to create a setting either for relaxation or socialization. Remove large-sized furniture to give everyone room to move. Go for neutral colors on wide spaces, experimenting with small splashes of color that compliments every aspect of the room well.

These tips will help enhance your home’s appeal for cash home buyers. If you are in a rush to get your house set up in the buy my house Denver CO market, look for companies that buy houses. Creative Home Buys will give you a fair offer, whether you are selling for probate, foreclosure, or after a divorce. When you are looking to “sell my house fast for cash,” contact us now at (720) 263-4447

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