Spider Veins on one’s face can seem hideous and can cause major challenges to walk around in public with confidence.

They are certain twisted and purplish-red vessels that mostly occur on people’s faces, and sometimes legs. The spider veins are in some ways similar to the varicose veins. There is but one difference between the two- spider veins and the varicose veins. The varicose veins are somewhat larger and swollen in appearance in comparison to the spider veins. Also, they have many twists to them, as compared to the spider veins. Spider veins are comparatively smaller. Both varicose veins and spider veins can occur to anyone for various structural abnormalities in the blood vessels of the people. The spider veins occurring on the faces of the people are too close the surface of the skin of the people and hence are known to resemble the web of a spider, hence the name.

Even though spider webs do not pose serious threats to our health, many people among us want to get rid of them due to them feeling socially excluded and mocked upon. They are also known to mar the beauty of a person. There are various different treatments that can ensure that the problem of spider veins goes away and not affect you in any way. The laser treatment for spider veins on the face is one of the most popular treatments among all of them. The other treatments include- sclerotherapy, vein surgery, radiofrequency ablation, etc.

The laser treatment for spider veins on face takes about 1 hour to be performed. A specialized beam of light is used and targeted on certain veins, in order to cure the problem and not simultaneously damage the skin around. Once the tissue gets heated up because of the laser beam, it gets damaged and further there develops a scar tissue. In the coming 6 weeks, the destroyed vein shall be reabsorbed into the skin and will disappear forever. The laser treatment for spider veins on the face is performed by a specialized laser equipment- the YAG laser. This tends to pierce the skin and the heat generated through it penetrates into the blood vessels, making the blood vessels to collapse, seal and repair the cells of your face into looking normal like before.


If you, however, are scared to undergo surgical modes of treating spider veins and are a natural cure loving person, then you could take help of the following 6 methods to deal with spider veins:

  1. Ginkgo Biloba– it not only strengthens the facial tissues but also relaxes your blood vessels to promote healthy blood flow. it improves the oxygenation in your facial tissues and blood vessels, helping you get rid of spider veins.
  2. Apple cider vinegar– for this method, you will be required to soak a cloth inside the apple cider vinegar and use it like a compressor for the affected areas of your face, for at least 20 minutes. You can repeat this 3 to 4 times in two months. This is not only going to diminish the appearance of spider veins, but also will promote blood supply to your face gradually.
  3. Horse chestnut seeds– due to the presence of tannins and saponins, accompanied with their anti- inflammatory properties, they are one of the best methods to get rid of spider veins naturally.
  4. Witch hazel– witch hazel tends to have astringent properties, and according to major studies, this helps to get rid of spider veins like nothing else. It also helps in strengthening the blood vessels.
  5. Bilberry– bilberry helps treat inflammations of all kinds with its antioxidant properties. This unique property makes it a go-to solution for treating spider veins.

Ginger– a common household kitchen herb has always been known to help get rid of the fibrins that tend to form around your spider veins, which tends to give them the raised and swollen look. Ginger works actively to break those fibrins and also promote blood flow.

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