6 Features of a Highly Effective Workflow Automation Platform

Workflow Automation Platform

Businesses that embrace automation can expect a great rise in productivity. But, since there are literally thousands of platforms out there, it can be rather difficult for business owners to find the one that best suits their needs.

Luckily for you, Logiforms knows a thing or two about workflow automation, and we’ve created a list of six key features these platforms should have to benefit a business.

1.  Secure Data Access

The data you’re dealing with through these platforms is highly sensitive, so one of your company’s biggest concerns should be how secure the data is, meaning how difficult it may be for those on the outside to gain access.

Such platforms should have various types of encryption in place to make sure hackers or any other unwanted eyes stay away from your data.

2. Role-Based Security

Not everyone in an explainer video for business is privy to the same information. The higher you go on the pyramid, the more information you know about the company, and the workflow automation system should account for that accessibility structure.

Simply put, such platforms must allow you to create specific profiles for users, and give them access only to the information relevant to them, and not the entire bulk.

3. Custom Pages

Pre-built pages are great and all, but they might not be entirely necessary to you and your business. Because of this, it’s important for these platforms to have a “custom pages” option where clients can create the pages they need to automate their workflow. Otherwise, you can end up paying for very nice templates that don’t help you at all.

4. Integrated Search

No matter how well you organize your data unless the platform offers an integrated search, it can be a nightmare for users to find the information they need to do their job.

5. An Approval Process

Just as your team has a lead supervising their work, workflow automation platform must have an approval process. The approval process can be partially or entirely automated when certain criteria are met, though certain users could do it manually.

6. Easy to Use

Lastly, the workflow automation process should be easy to use for everyone on your team. A very comprehensive service won’t be of much use if only a few of your teammates are able to properly use it. You may have to organize a canadian registration number renewal session to explain the platform either way, but this should be more of an introductory discussion into the key features of the platform, not an in-depth rundown.

Your Next Step

Logiforms is one of the best available solutions for workflow automation. Our platform meets the six recommendations described in this article and more, so be sure to try it out to see just how much it can help your business’ work process. Everyone in the office will love it, and that’s a guarantee!


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