11 Tips And Tricks For Creating Holographic Business Cards

Holographic Business Cards

Thinking about creating holographic business cards with a website like Print Peppermint? Looking for unique ideas, tips, and tricks to help while you design your business cards? You’re in the right place. Read on and get 11 top tips and tricks that will help you create impactful, unique holographic business cards.

1. Highlight Strategically

Holographic foil is excellent for highlighting important information, such as your contact info, or for adding more visual flair to other design elements of your card. You should use it to highlight multiple design elements for a unique look.

Holographic Business Cards

2. Don’t Overdo It

Your entire business card shouldn’t be covered in holographic foil. Too much of a good thing isn’t a good thing at all – and an excessively flashy, hard-to-read business card definitely falls into this category.

3. Keep It Legible

Remember that business cards are, in the end, designed to transmit information about you, your services, and/or your company. So make sure that, when integrating holographic foil into your design, your information remains legible and easy to read.

4. Think About Accent Colors

Holographic business cards shine like a rainbow, so any color in the rainbow (remember ROY G BIV?) will make a great accent color. Choose a color that matches your branding and the holographic foil for a unique look.

5. Add Your Holographic Foil Last

This makes it easier to design your card, and use the foil properly to highlight important information and design elements. It’s also practical – foil is stamped onto your card last, so adding it last ensures your card design will look the same in real life as it did when you designed it.

6. Ditch The Traditional Business Card Format

Holographic foil is a unique design element – so consider ditching the traditional business card format altogether, and using a circle business card, a square business card, or a plastic business card to further increase the appeal of your design.

7. Show What Makes Your Company Unique

The design you choose is a reflection of your company and your services – so make sure you keep this in mind and use a visual style that helps show what makes your company unique.

8. Use Holographic Foil On One Side Of Your Card

Using a traditional ink on one side and a holographic foil on the other side of your card creates a unique contrast that will help your design stand out.

9. When In Doubt, Keep Things Simple

Holographic foil is a flashy design element – so don’t overdo the other elements of your card. Simplify your design to highlight the foil, rather than overdoing it.

10. Don’t Forget To Leave White (Blank) Space

Blank space is just as important as the other visual design elements in your business card. Cramming it with too much information and visual clutter will make it look busy, so use white space wisely.

11. Make Sure Your Logo Is Prominent

Your logo should always be front-and-center on your business card, and holographic business cards are no different. Make sure your logo meets your branding guidelines and is clear and obvious when you’re looking at your holographic business card design.

Design Your Holographic Business Cards Now – And Remember These Tips!

We hope these tips will be helpful as you design your holographic business cards. Get started now, and you’re sure to create a unique card that expresses what makes your business special.

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